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Below you will find brief descriptions of the primary instruments played by Evening Rose. Photos can be found in our photo gallery.

Mountain Dulcimer

The mountain dulcimer is often said to be an authentic American folk instrument. Settlers from Germany and England replicated instruments from their cultures, all members of the zither family, using materials available to their regions. Today dulcimers are usually 3 or 4 stringed fretted instruments. Their sound boxes are usually either tear drop or hour glass shaped.
Some great readings for a detailed history of the mountain dulcimer can be found at: http://www.bearmeadow.com/smi/histof.htm or

Hammered Dulcimer

When many people hear the word dulcimer, they think of the mountain dulcimer, a three stringed fretted instrument. Aside from its name, the hammered dulcimer really has nothing in common with the mountain dulcimer. The hammered dulcimer has a trapezoid shaped body and many strings. Sound is produced by striking the strings, arranged along bridges in scale patterns, with hammers - thus the name "hammered dulcimer."
The hammered dulcimer's roots can be traced back to ancient cultures and even has biblical references: ...everyman that shall hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer, and all kinds of musick, shall fall down and worship...." -Daniel 3:10
The dulcimer is a close relative of the psaltry. Eastern cultures have similar instruments. Many say that it is the predecessor of the piano, and there are pictures and references of Bach and Mozart playing he hammered dulcimer.
For more information on the hammered dulcimer, check out the Smithsonian's site.

Penny Whistles

Whistles are ancient woodwind instruments that can be traced to China over 5000 years ago. They were first made from bone or clay, then wood. The first tin whistles were created by Englishman Robert Clarke in 1843. Whistles have a strong history in the Celtic culture, with references going back to the 12th century. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tin_whistle for a detailed history of the whistle in the Irish culture.


The bodhran is a common drum used to keep the beat and add rhythm to Irish music. It is a wooden framed drum with a goatskin head, played with a double-headed stick called a tipper or beater. Refer to http://www.ceolas.org/instruments/bodhran/history.shtml for more information.


The mandolin is a small stringed instrument with four pairs of strings and an oval or teardrop shaped body. It is played by strumming and picking the strings. The mandolin is said to be evolved from the Italian lute of the seventeenth century, though very similar instruments are also present in prehistoric cave paintings. They are often played in bluegrass and folk groups, as well as early music ensembles. For more information on the mandolin, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandolin.


The guitar has a rich history, traced back to the ancient central Asian sitara. Because of its versatility and widely developed acoustic and electric forms, the guitar can be found in virtually all styles of music. For a detailed history and more information on the guitar, read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitar.

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